Diane O’Cain

Invest your time and efforts into running your business.  Leave the bookkeeping to us.

Diane O'Cain

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

As an experienced entrepreneur and management professional, I understand the daily stresses and hassles of running a business. You are passionate about helping your clients and working on all the aspects of your business that embody what you enjoy about your industry. Still, at the end of the day, you want your tax bill to be as low as possible, and you need to know how your money is working for you. That’s where I come in. Throughout my background in event management, logistics planning, and travel consulting, I have always excelled at overseeing financial reconciliation and bookkeeping. Imagine trusting your books to someone who is just as attentive to your business as you and has a head for numbers and a propensity for data entry and spreadsheets.

Customized to each client

More than keeping the books, I am all about helping you succeed. I treat every set of books like they are my own.


Focus Your Time And Efforts On Running Your Business And Leave The Finances To Us

I am passionate about providing business solutions to allow you to focus on your customers and what you do best.

As the founder of Precise Books & Tax Solutions, I delivery the clarity and focus your business deserves with a detail-oriented approach to managing your books. I will present you with a greater view of your finances and help you understand how to save money, avoid tax audits, and provide you with the peace of mind you need to run your business.

I am a kind, trustworthy supporter of small business owners and want to see your business succeed. I am ready to help you understand the key metrics in your business and take the guesswork out of doing your books and managing your money.  If you are ready to save time and money outsourcing your bookkeeping and keep tax season smooth and easy, reach out to us.

Maintain Your Financial Health

I assist small business owners in maintaining their financial health, and in knowing where they are financially from month to month or year-end.  Whether it’s a one-time clean-up/catch-up project or you would like help every month, we customize a path to take the stress of bookkeeping off to let you focus on your passion and vision for your business.

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